Glengarry Forest Cabins 

Glengarry Forest Cabins is an exciting community-owned social enterprise which will help to secure the future of the Glengarry community in a way that is environmentally, socially and financially sustainable. Glengarry Forest Cabins will provide off-grid tourist accommodation in bespoke cabins built using timber from larch trees in the community forest. Removing this larch is a first step towards restoring areas of native woodland in the community forest.

The aims of the social enterprise are to:

  • support the ongoing cost of running GCW & delivering its projects

  • create new jobs in Glengarry

  • bring people to the area who will support other local businesses

Why is GCW developing an eco-tourism social enterprise?

Community consultations before and since the establishment of Glengarry Community Woodlands have shown that local residents are looking for the community woodland to deliver a range of benefits and address some of the significant challenges faced by our community, including the shortage of affordable housing and employment which makes it so difficult for many younger people and families to remain, return or move here. In the six years since GCW was established it has developed a wide range of ongoing activities and projects including events for both children and adults, establishing woodland crofts and affordable housing, creating local employment and managing the woodland sustainably.

But to continue this work GCW needs to generate income in a sustainable way. Extensive research and a detailed feasibility study has identified an eco-tourism enterprise in the community woodland as the best way to do this. The business will create more jobs and all the profits generated will be used to fund the activities of GCW and its ongoing projects, including establishing woodland crofts and affordable housing. All profits from Glengarry Forest Cabins will be used to deliver our charitable aims (which you can read about here).

How you can help

We are inviting you to join us to help make all of this happen by investing in our Community Share Offer. By investing in Glengarry Forest Cabins you are investing in a community owned and run business which will benefit both local residents and visitors. Each investor will become a member of Glengarry Community Benefit Society (GCBS) and will have a say in how the business is run. Residents of Glengarry will always make up a majority of shareholders and all members receive an equal vote regardless of the scale of their investment. Find all the details in the Share Offer Document.