The pre-acquisition Feasibility Study was carried out in early 2015 before the community bought the woodland onsultants employed by the community to assess all the options for community ownership.  It is the basis upon which the decision was taken by the Scottish Government to transfer ownership to the community, and has set the priorities for management of the woodland as agreed by the community and the project’s funders.   

The 20 year forest plan formalises the approach to management set out in the Feasibility Study, and details how the woodland will be gradually converted from an even-aged conifer plantation designed to be clearfelled, to a woodland with a more natural structure, with compartments with different species and tree ages.  The forest planning process involved a significant amount of consultation with the community, which influenced the approach to management that was agreed.

The development plan takes a general sets out some of the priorities over the next few years, pointing out the major challenges that have to be overcome. It suggests a sequence for the delivery of the community’s original aspirations for the woodland, highlighting the importance of generating revenue to keep the organization running before anything else can be achieved